With a presence in both Miami (the US gateway to Latin America) and New York (the world’s biggest financial centre), Corpag USA has a deep knowledge and experience with the US markets. We offer our clients, who are looking for global expansion, tailored solutions to properly place their private or corporate investments in the US. We have two distinctive service lines in the USA, on the one hand we act as representative for our clients in the USA through our Miami and New York offices and on the other hand we have an operational US corporate services team in Miami.




•  Incorporation/Setup services

•  Domiciliation services

•  Management and Director services

•  Reporting and filing services

•  Representative Office




Corpag Miami

999 Brickell Avenue,

Suite 820

Miami, Florida 33131

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T: +1 305 358 7872

M: miami@corpag.com



Key Contacts


Tamires Ziembinski (Miami)

Head of US Services

+1 305 358 7872

M: tamires@corpag.com





Enrique Travieso (Miami)

Managing Director

T: +1 305 358 7872

M: enrique@corpag.com





David te Boekhorst

(New York)

VP of Client Services and

Business Development

T: +1 212 661 1025

M: david@corpag.com






Corpag USA falls under the following (AML) Regulator for its license and registration: Florida Office of Financial Regulation


The Florida Office of Financial Regulations DOES NOT provide safety and soundness oversight of this company, does not provide any opinion as to any affiliated companies or products, and does not provide the oversight of this company’s affiliated international trust entities or the jurisdictions within which they operate. This company may not act as a fiduciary and may not accept the fiduciary appointment, execute or transmit fiduciary documents, take possession of any assets, create a fiduciary relationship, make discretionary decisions regarding the investment or distribution of fiduciary accounts, provide banking services, or promote or sell investments.

Corpag New York

150 East 58th Street,

22nd floor

New York, NY 10155

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T: +1 212 661 1025

M: newyork@corpag.com

Corpag Delaware

1925 Lovering Ave. Wilmington,

DE 19806-2157

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T: +1 302 772 4575

M: uservice@corpag.com