As a boutique-style business, we are able to put people first. It starts with the people who work with us. Our scale ensures that everyone within the firm knows each other, creating strong bonds and ensuring optimum cooperation between our employees. All this enables us to guarantee the best service to our clients. From our offices around the world, we provide high level services with a personal approach as if we are just around the corner.

Educational programs

We attach great value to the personal development of our employees and therefore offer a wide range of educational programs, as well as maintaining a strong focus on coaching and knowledge sharing. We truly believe that investing in education for our staff is the best investment that we can possibly make. Not only will it help our employees to develop personally, but it will also help develop our entire organization.

The educational programs for all our employees worldwide are organized in the Corpag Academy.

The Corpag Academy underpins the culture of collective vigilance and continuous learning within our organization. It facilitates ongoing professionalization and contributes to the focus on craftsmanship. Its outline is sketched at the start of each year, but allows for flexibility in content and/or priority as the year progresses. Trainings are given both by our internal specialists, as well as by guest lecturers and specialists in the field. Programs cover all relevant fields in our business, from technical skills to soft skills, from financial tolegal knowledge and from marketing to compliance awareness.

The Corpag Academy facilitates the belief that professionals acquire knowledge and skills while learning in the context of their work. They learn to form their expert opinion by practicing and training their thinking.

In the end, it is about understanding the essence of the profession, thelogic of the work it entails, taking responsibility and owning it.

No coincidence

Diversity and inclusion make our organization stronger and more sustainable – it is critical to be open to different ways of thinking and acting to enhance long-term sustainability.

Our global teams are made up of different gender identities, nationalities, cultures, generations, ethnic groups, abilities, educational and social backgrounds, sexual orientations and much more. This is not a coincidence, but the result of our fair recruitment strategies and objective periodic talent reviews.

Our duty

One who does not advance goes backwards. Here at Corpag, we are always looking ahead – seeking opportunities to grow, to learn, to improve and to ensure our continuity long into the future. That also entails planning ahead. Knowing what you are going to do and why, and keeping in mind where you have come from. It is our duty to constantly reinvent ourselves.