Located in western South America, Peru is the 7th most populated country in the American continent, with over 32 million inhabitants. Considered one of the main emerging markets in the world, Peru stands out for its people, performance, and entrepreneurship. Our office is strategically situated in San Isidro, the financial center of the capital city, Lima. We assist Peruvian clients on the set-up of international tax, asset protection, and estate planning structures for all types of offshore corporate entities and trusts in different jurisdictions across the globe, such as New Zealand, UK, BVI, USA, Asia, and Europe.


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Corpag Peru

Av. Santo Toribio 115

Oficina 601-C

San Isidro, Lima, Perú

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T: +51 (1) 754 02 40

M: peru@corpag.com

Key Contact

Key Contacts

Gianmarco Gamboa
Managing Director